Amazon Affiliate website – Step By Step Guide

Following are the steps you need to follow to successfully host an Amazon affiliate blog.

Host a blog

To create an Amazon Associate account you need a website. The first thing we are going to do is to host a website.

There are a ton of hosting services available in the market. But you need to choose the most efficient one to be successful with the business

We need to rank on Google searches to get organic traffic. Ranking on the search engine is the primary task we need to consider when going through all the steps on the process

As there is a huge competition out there we need to take into account each and every factor that is considered by search engines while ranking a website.

Google and other search engines rank sites according to their performance. It’s simple if the performance is good the site will be ranked top.

Here is a list of Web Hosting that has a good reputation among users. I have listed them in performance order

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Web Hosting

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Choose WordPress hosting when you signup or install WordPress after signup. Get a domain if you don’t have one. Install SSL certificate. SSL is very important. Choose a plan that offers free SSL.

You’ll enter into the admin page. Fillup all the details asked at the initial setup. Set a password that you can always remember. Or save it in your browser.

Once you enter into the dashboard you need to create few pages that are necessary to become an Amazon affiliate. Create the following pages

  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer
  • About us
  • Terms and Condition

Make sure the policy page and disclaimer clearly explains that you have amazon affiliate links on the website and you get a commission when someone buys through your link

Now add a disclaimer footer to every page. Now your website is ready to be approved.

Create an Amazon associate account

This step is much simpler. Click here to Sign up. Click on join and follow the instructions. Wola you have your account. Now you can start writing your articles

You can send your visitors to amazon through the unique affiliate links. If they buy any product from Amazon you are going to get a commission. The product they buy need not be to the same product.

Choose products to write articles

Check out the commission you get fro the product. Category and their respective rates are shown in the table below

Kindle Devices & eBooks
Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices)
Mobile Phones*
iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus
Mobile Accessories*
Apparel & Shoes
Health & Personal Care
Music, Movies, Video games and Software
Cars, Motorbikes and Industrial Products
Toys and Baby Products
Jewellery (excluding Gold and Silver coins)
Gold and Silver coins
Home and Kitchen
Personal Care Appliances
Fire TV Stick & other Amazon devices
Luggage and Bags
Sports, Fitness and Outdoors
Office and Stationery
Musical Instruments
Grocery and Gourmet
Data Storage Devices
Major Appliances
Tyres, Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment

Choose a category that at least have a 4% commission rate. Choose something that is less competitive and has a higher commission rate.

Once you have chosen, use the following tools to find the keywords that are you want your post to rank for.

Use the keywords in the article. Write about 2000-3000 words on every post that you make. That makes the page engaging. If you have a video Include it into the page. So if someone watches the video the amount of time spent by the user goes up. This helps Google to identify your website.

Follow the event and the visitors of your website using google analytics

Now you have a website with blogs that’s ready to rank on search engines. You can do a few things to improve your ranking.

Use the plugin called WP-Rocket to improve your website’s performance in just one click. This will significantly help in ranking your Amazon affiliate website

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

The other Plugin Yost SEO will help you in writing the articles in an SEO friendly

When you have done with all the things send an email to all your contacts about your website and soon it will start showing up in the search results.

You can outsource the article to freelancers and other small companies to write it for you.


It’s can follow all these processes and if you are getting stuck at some point, leave a comment on the site. You’ll be answered within 24 hrs

Anyone can easily start an Amazon Affiliate Website/

Web Hosting

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