Clickfunnels HONEST Review as an affiliate

I signed up for Clickfunnels two months ago. When you signup for Clickfunnels automatically you get your affiliate link to promote Clickfunnels. 

It has two dashboards. One for the software and the other for the affiliate. Clickfunnels offer you various products to promote and for some products they will give you 100% commission.

Let us look at the software first. Well, I have used lots of web page builder. I’m a lazy full-stack web developer. Whenever I have to build frontend I always search for a software that can do the task for me. I don’t like dealing with CSS and Javascript.

Among all the software I came across, I found Clickfunnels to be the best. I’ll tell you why I say it. Not because I’m an affiliate of Clickfunnels, But the user experience of Clickfunnels so satisfying.

Coming from other sources like Wix and other website builders, the experience I got Clickfunnels was totally different.

Usually, a website builder like this won’t have an excellent performance. They are always laggy and some are not usable. They all come with some templates which you can modify. But sometimes it’s hard to it right. For example, you need to change the size of the logo by yourself before uploading to the website. Some of that software might not the way you want them to work. I have left a few of the software and went back to CSS and javascript.

With all these experiences and mindset I signed up for Clickfunnels. But this was completely different. I went to the editor for the first time. I thought it would work the same. But when I dragged the first element I was amazed

The software is butter smooth. I never worked with a software that has this good performance on a browser except for games and other high priced software.

By this, I don’t mean it is completely perfect. It does have some bugs here and there. But it’s acceptable.
I had a small issue when building a funnel. The problem was with cookies. I contacted the support and helped me out with it. Yes, they have excellent support too.

You might have a question “Everything is fine but who can use the software?”. Well, the answer is obvious. Those who do any type of sales online can use it. Clickfunnels provides an all in one solution for online sales. Literally manages everything for you.

The best part about Clickfunnels is that it is easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy. Just drag and drop your funnel will be ready in minutes.

Clickfunnels come with affiliate marketing feature. You can create an affiliate area for any product to give it to affiliate marketers to promote. It automatically manages commissions and payments for you.

Once you start using Clickfunnels you’ll never switch to other platforms. You can sell almost anything with Clickfunnels.

If you are an affiliate marketer like me, then you must look into Clickfunnels. They give you a 40% commission for every sign-up. And the best thing about the commission is that you get it every month until the customers stay on the platform.

They do have other products to promote. ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE is training by Russell Brunson, founder of Clickfunnels where he teaches about business and how to use Clickfunnel for your business.
Russell Brunson is an expert when it comes to online sales. He can sell anything online. He’s working for years now. So if he teaches something then it must be valuable.

Most companies don’t care about their affiliates. But Clickfunnels is completely different in that aspect. They care a lot about their affiliates. They provide you with an email template, banners and other materials for each and every product. You just need to copy and paste them.
Affiliate Bootcamp summit from Clickfunnels helped me in my affiliate business. It’s a program where 15 supper affiliates talk about their own strategies. You can follow them and use their strategies in your business. You can promote any product with these strategies.

If you use Clickfunnels in a smart way you can scale up your business easily.

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