SiteGround review (A personal experience with SiteGround)

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You are here probably because you are looking for a hosting platform. I’m a developer and an independent blogger writing this article to help people like you to choose the right platform. Here is my honest SiteGround review

With three years of experience, I can assure you that Siteground is the best WordPress hosting platform right now. Not only me most of the WordPress developers recommend Siteground for WordPress hosting, Let me explain to you.

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Why Siteground?

Though I have a shared host on Siteground, it still performs better than a shared host. I was able to achieve 98% performance grade in Pingdom tools. Usually, a shared host performs around 80%.

Pingdom is a site that measures the website performance and compares it with other site and provides a performance grade for the website provides.

The best thing that I personally like about SiteGround is that it has a WordPress stater plugin. The plugin automatically optimizes your site for the need. For example, let’s consider you have a newly installed WordPress and you want to optimize it for Woo Commerce. All you have to do is select Woo Commerce in the starter widget. The plugin will do it magic and boom you have a fully functional Woo Commerce.


Site ground is one of the best performing platforms in the market. As I mentioned you can get the maximum performance out of it. I never had any issues with the performance so far. Siteground has significant low latency and response time.

Search engines consider performance as a major factor for ranking the site. A high performing site is always ranked top. In the competitive market, you can use Siteground and can get a significant increase in performance to rank above your competitors.

How Siteground performs better?

Thanks to the use of the NGINX server, The static content of the page loads faster. SiteGround uses SSD for storage which has a faster read and writes speed than regular HDD. Siteground has built its own caching mechanism that even increases the performance of dynamic content.


The competitive pricing of SiteGround makes it a good choice for startups as well as large scale businesses. The starter pack offers a single site hosting but comes with a free SSL certificate, Site Builder, Email account, Daily Backup and much more. If you are going for a higher pack you’ll get much more. Unlimited number hosting, super cache, Advanced On-demand Backup, WordPress & Joomla Staging and more.


I personally had a great experience with customer support. Often you might get stuck. SiteGround provides excellent customer support with expert technicians. You can live chat with the customer care support and you’ll be answered at any time. They provide 24/7 support for every tier. With the help of free video tutorials, blogs and FAQs you can get all the basic hosting support if you’re new to hosting. Apart from all these SiteGround provides application-specific support and can even help you with extensions.


I don’t have experience with downtime as I use site ground for my hosting. Till now there was no downtime.No one can assure 100% uptime.

You can expect 99% up-time with Siteground. If you are using the site where your customers visit all the time then you have to consider downtime for your platform. Your site must be always accessible to your customers. There are platforms that give you a cheap hosting service but will have a downtime every few months. If you are running an e-commerce site and the site is down you lose your customers.


If you want your site to rank top and fetch traffic through SEO then go for Siteground. If you just need a website for your business then there are other cheap alternatives. Click here for WordPress hosting comparison

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